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If joint and/or soft tissue pain are keeping you from being your ‘BEST’, then you owe it to yourself to get a professional opinion from NOVO Regenerative. You might be just a treatment away from being pain free! Our team of Dr.’s At NOVO Regenerative on Hilton Head Island, SC, offers innovative, proven, minimally invasive and non-surgical methods to help you find relief from all sorts of arthritic and degenerative conditions such as knees, hips, spine conditions and other extremities.

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Dr. Durrett & Dr. Evans work together to find the right solutions for what ails their patients. After 30+ years combined experience, they know what works. Together they have developed a program that gives their patients the best chance at solving their pain problems. They currently have a 92% success rate of helping patients find relief. If you’ve tried steroids, cortisone, PRP and other methods, with no relief, give us a call.

“It all comes down to the right diagnosis and then tailoring the latest techniques, medications and approaches to what is specifically behind your discomfort. NOVO Regenerative uses the latest imaging technology in video fluoroscopy (motion X-Rays) to better identify the precise location of your pain to ensure we are treating the source of your pain and getting maximum results. We will walk you through your images so that you understand what is causing your discomfort and pain” – Dr. Durrett

Once we know where to apply, it comes down to Dr. Durrett’s extensive training that ensures a precise delivery of the treatment to the exact spot – That’s the NOVO difference! To learn more about our doctors Click here.

At NOVO Regenerative you’re getting the best diagnosis, the best and latest therapies and the best follow up care there is. It’s their individual and combined experiences that will benefit YOU.

Call us to arrange your complimentary consultation at our office, located at the Moss Creek Medical building at 15 Moss Creek Village to see if you’re an ideal candidate for our latest treatment protocols.

See Dr. Durrett’s video below to learn more about the latest treatment approaches from the Expert!

At NOVO Regenerative we provide comprehensive and integrated non-surgical solutions to promote tissue repair and recovery of function for individuals with musculoskeletal pain, orthopaedic injuries, and degenerative joint conditions as well. You owe it to yourself to increase the quality of your life.

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